Friday, 5th February 2016

The University of Bern, Switzerland. Building UniS Schanzeneck, Room A003

Session 3: Uzbekistan
Chair: Sören Stark 

08:30 Protohistoric settlement pattern in Central Asia: the case of Ulug-depe and Dzharkutan during the Bronze Age. Bendezu-Sarmiento Julio
Kabul (AF)
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08:55 Protohistoric settlement pattern in Central Asia: the case of Ulug-depe and Dzharkutan during the Iron Age. Lhuillier Johanna
CNRS, Paris (F)

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09:20 Urbanism in Sogdiana? A view from the western fringes of the Bukhara oasis Kidd Fiona
New York University, Abu Dhabi (AE)
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09:45 Discussion    
10:05 Coffee Break    

Session 4: Uzbekistan
Chair: Bruno Genito 

10:30 Urbanscape vs. Landscape or Urbanscape as Landscape? A case from ancient Samarkand (Sogdiana) Mantellini Simone
University of Bologna, Bologna (IT)
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10:55 Pottery assemblage of Early Hellenistic time from the Sogdian City Paikend Omelchenko Andrey
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg (RU)
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11:20 The Hellenistic fortress of Bactria Uzundara Dvurechenskaya Nigora
Russian Academy of Sciences, Mowscow (RU)
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11:45 Urban Hinterlands: Five years of investigations along the "Long Wall" of Bukhara Stark Sören
New York University, New York (US)
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12:10 Discussion    
12:40 Lunch    


Session 5: Uzbekistan
Chair: Fiona Kidd

14:00 Archaological investigations at Vardāna: preliminary results Pozzi Silvia
Università l'Orientale di Napoli, Napoli (IT)
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14:25 Archaeological investigations on Qarshovultepa Sheyko Konstantin
Taskent (UZ)

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14:50 Burials of urban population of Chach Ivanov Genadiy
Ferghana Museum, Samarkand (UZ)
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 15:15 Elements of military equipment as votive offerings at Qarshovultepa Ilyasov Djangar
Bamberg University, Bamberg (DE)
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 15:40 Discussion    
16;00 Coffee Break  

Session 6: Tajikistan / Kyrgyzstan
Chair: Nadezhda Dubova

16:25 Sanjar-Shah – a Sogdian Town in the Zeravshan Valley. Some Preliminary Results of the Recent Archaeological Investigations Shenkar Michael
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem (IS)
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16:50 The Study of Ceramics from Sanjar-Shah: Technological, Cultural and Administrative Connections with Panjikent Kurbanov Sharof
Tajik Academy of Sciences, Dushanbe (TJ)

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17:15 Hisorak in the Upper Zeravshan valley and its Bactrian connections Lurje Pavel
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg (RU)
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17:40 One of the temples of the buddhist monastery in Krasnaya Rechka (Northern Kyrgyzstan) Kulish Alexey
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg (RU)
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19:00  Dinner  Invited Speakers only  
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